Producing quality wines, an expression of our land and our philosophy, cultivating the vine respecting land, water and animals: this is our everyday commitment and sharing it with you is a pleasure for us.

Our wines

Vino Prosecco


Prosecco DOC Treviso
Extra Dry

Vino Nèno


Prosecco DOC Treviso

Vino SullaRù


Prosecco Rosé DOC Treviso
Brut Millesimato

Vino Rèsi


Pinot Grigio
DOC delle Venezie

Vino LeMicèe


DOC Venezia



DOC Venezia



Passion is the most important ingredient, the rest comes itself.
Working every day in close contact with nature and its creatures is a great privilege but only by adding passion you can get the best results. If you connect to passion a solid link with traditions and a wide openness to technological innovations, then production processes get more sustainable and work becomes a pleasure.

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Nature cannot be dominated, but it can be shaped with respect.
Farming using Organic method is a choice with a capital C, it demands sacrifices but can give great satisfaction. The production of Organic grapes requires preparation and adaptability to cope with recent years climate changes. The details take on a great importance, you cannot choose whether to adopt certain precautions and care, you MUST do it; this is the only way you are sure to get arrived to the cellar a grape perfect for quality wines.

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Come and discover more about Organic production and our wines.

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What are you waiting for to meet in person? Come and visit us directly in the Winery to get to know our company.
Our doors are open to welcome you and to discover together, not only our wines and the Winery, but also our production philosophy, informing, explaining and trying to answer all your curiosities concerning the varied world of wine, especially the Organic one.

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Guided Tours

A journey into the world of grapes and wine, from the fields to the cellar.
If you want to fully plunge into our reality, enjoying family atmosphere, you can visit our territory and the Winery with us, take a walk through the vineyards and learn about the Organic Method and the several stages of processing. A training and exploratory opportunity, which will culminate with the tasting of our wines.

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Between Adriatic See and Dolomites.
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