Guided Tours

Tradition and nature

With the arrival of spring, nature begins to awaken, the grass becames green, the flowers peep out, coloring the countryside and even the vine get its cycle started again. From now until autumn, the phenological phases of the vine follow each other, as it has always been for thousands of years. You can admire it directly in our vineyards, near the company headquarters.

This introduction will be followed by a short tour of the Winery where we will see how grapes become wine, how it is refined and then stored. Your questions and curiosities will be answered. The visit will colosed comfortably around a table, tasting our wines matched with local cold cuts and cheeses.

We organize guided tours on reservation

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Natura 2000

Not less of eight of the ten hectares composing our company fall into NATURA 2000 network area (this is an ecological network spread throughout European Union to ensure the maintenance of natural fauna and flora habitats and species that are threatened or rare). It is common to see around here birds such as mallard, green and red woodpecker, shrike, kingfisher, gray heron, cattle egret, little egret and many others. Birds of prey such as the common buzzard and the kestrel and even the hares are not lacking.