The Turning Point

In 2015 we decided to undertake a conversion path to Organic farming, in order to take care of our families and company also defending the environment. The first harvest of Organic grapes was reached in September 2018.

The Organic choice

Organic agriculture operates basing on the following principles:


Safeguard and enhance life and natural fertility of the soil.


Preserve the variety of living organisms, in their different forms, in their respective ecosystems.


Feeding plants through the organisms provided by the ecosystem.

REG. (CE) n. 834/2007 del Consiglio e REG. (CE) n. 889/2008 della Commissione and subsequent modifications.

A third-party control body certifies Organic production from the vineyard to the cellar.
Control body authorized by MiPAAFT (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies) IT BIO 015. Controlled operator n ° 29144.

Organic in the vineyard

• Organic fertilizers and use of green manure to increase soil fertility.
• Treatments using products of natural origin, allowed in Organic farming.
• Use of sensors and forecasting models to intervene with targeted treatments, based on real needs.
• Mowing on alternate rows, grassing under the row / minimum tillage that allows a lower CO2 emission.
• Protection of beneficial insects / biodiversity, also through their repopulation.
• Creation and care of hedges.
• Emergency irrigation with drip system.
• Use of recovery sprayer.

• Chemical fertilizers and weeding.
• Synthetic plant protection and insecticides.
• Agro-industrial landscape.
• Waste of water resources.
• Dispersion of phytosanitary mixture.

Organic in the cellar

Attention to the environment and to the consumer does not stop at the vineyard; it continues with the transformation of grapes into wine and subsequent storage. • Zero residue guarantee in wine.
• Sulphite reduction.
• Photovoltaic panels for the energy needs of the cellar.
• 100% clean energy from renewable sources.
• Use of recycled supplies, if available.
• Thermo-conditioned tanks and bottle storage to maintain the quality of our wines over time.
• HACCP self-control plan and complete product traceability.