Flow of seasons

As can be said for many human activities, cultivating the land and specially the vine is an occupation tightly connected to seasonality and meteorological events. It’s easy to understand that, being lead in the open air, is not up to us deciding its times but above all to the weather itself. And it manages anything: the period of pruning or budding or flowering.

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The stages of life: even vines have flowers

SPRING AWAKENING AND WEEPING: the radical activity of the vine resumes in late spring with the rise in temperatures. Part of the sap comes out of the pruning performed during winter and gets back into circulation. This particular moment is described as the phase of crying or weeping.

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Mowing on alternate rows

With the mowing on alternate rows, the cutting of grass of the entire surface will therefore be carried out at two different times, 20 days or more from each other.
The mowed and shredded grass remains in the vineyard, increasing the Organic substance present and improving the fertility of the soil.

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